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Our Mission is to provide a positive culture for youth athletes that encourages hard work and dedication towards their goals resulting in consistent improvement and confidence. 

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PEAK Youth Performance focuses on athletic and sports performance training for boys and girls ages 8-18 to help maximize their potential of becoming better athletes and healthier people. 

We train all youth athlete levels from those that want to keep active and maintain good health to serious high school athletes that desire getting to the next level.

Led by our certified fitness and nutrition coaching, we focus on building foundational to advanced programs that promote confidence and optimal performance in ANY sport. 

We train athletes in many different sports including baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, track, and more...

Private and group sessions are available in addtition to individualzed fitness programs and nutritional consulting. 

Our athletes use a wide variety of fitness equipment and movements as they learn proper techniques to maximize their overall benefits and prevent injuries.

Increase Speed & Agility

Provide youth athletes in any sport the knowledge and fundamentals needed to improve their overall speed, explosiveness, quickness, and agility including short bursts, plyometrics, quick movements, jump variations, footwork drills, and balance/coordination drills. 

Build Strength & Power

Various age-appropriate strength training is performed by our athletes including functional training, body weight and resistance weight training designed to improve all athletes. Tracking is done over time to measure strength gains.

Improve Conditioning & Stamina

Proper conditioning is a major focus in our programs and includes dynamic warm-ups, sprint techniques, cone drills, circuit training, long-distance running, core work, stamina drills, and team competitions.

Reduce Injury Risk

Our programs include proper nutrition, injury prevention, and recovery as key pillars to an overall healthy child and athlete any typically include resistance bands, static stretching, flexibility work, and proper warm-ups/cool-downs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the key program benefits experienced by our athletes?
Setting goals,  Facing adversity, Competition, Growth mindset, Work ethic, Achievement, Teamwork, Self confidence, Nutrition guidance & Athletic skills

How many participants per group session?
This depends based on age and fitness levels, but typically 10-12 participants-to-coach ratio.

Are sessions designed and broken up based on ages?
Yes, each session is tailored based on group size and classes are age-appropriate (8-18 yr old) to maximize the benefits.

When are the larger group sessions typically held?
The busiest seasons for group training are Fall and Winter. Typically, Spring and Summer are geared towards focused 1x1/small group/specialized sessions.

Are private/1 on 1 sessions available?
Yes, these sessions are typically geared  towards ages 13-18 year old athletes  participating in sports and/or recovering from an injury.

Are adult sessions available?
Yes, adult training is available by a certified Strength and Conditioning coach.

What are the costs and payment options?
The costs depend on the program type and length but group sessions typically range between $20-30 per 1 hour class over the course of a seasonal program. Payment options are flexible and include cash, check (made out to PEAK Youth Performance), debit/credit card using Square, Venmo (PEAK Youth Performance), and automatic bank transfer.

Do participants have to perform an assessment or any prior training?
No, we encourage new participants to join our programs regardless of their fitness level but we typically perform baseline assessments used to measure their overall results over time.

What areas of fitness does the program focus on?
Based on extensive research and experience from certified youth fitness and nutrition coaches, PEAK Youth Performance incorporates many different training methods used by trainers in a variety of sports and exercise including core areas such as Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning, and Injury Prevention.

Do participants have to play a specific sport or be a part of any sports club programs in order to join?
No, our programs are open to any current athletes or non-athletes ages 8-18 years old.

What is the general philosophy of the coaches and the programs?
Quality over quantity is highly stressed in our programs with safety and enjoyment being of the utmost importance.

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Past COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Valued Customers,

During this time, we are following the guidelines set forth by the MA state government. The wearing of protective face coverings and proper distancing are both highly encouraged by all coaches, athletes, and parents that have not been fully vaccinated. Hand sanitizer and extra masks are available at the facility and we encourage their use to fully protect yourselves and others from the transmition of COVID-19 and other viruses.  The facility is sanitized regularly. We also ask that all parents that drop off/pick up their children remain outside of the facility as much as possible.  All parents should report any known COVID-19 exposures immediately to the PEAK Youth Performance coaches. We know that we are all challenged in these difficult times and we should all do our part to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Best Regards,

PEAK Youth Performance, LLC