Why PEAK Youth Performance?

PEAK Youth Performance was established in 2018 with the sole purpose to give youth athletes an opportunity to learn how fitness can benefit them in all aspects of their lives.  The program also offered kids who never participated in organized sports the chance to build confidence in their abilities and reach their full potential.  The primary benefits of the program go above athletic training and sports performance. Setting goals, hard work, dedication, and teamwork are just some of the benefits our athletes realize participating in the program. We truly believe we are changing the lives of many young men and woman by creating a positive culture where they can thrive. Every participant in our program is valued and treated equally, as we believe each of them have the abilities to consistenly improve and maximize their potential in athletics and in life!

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Over the course of each program a wide variety
of fitness equipment and movements are included. 

PEAK has held program sessions at various locations including Venom Baseball Academy, Joe's Training,  Anytime Fitness, YMCA, and High School Tracks.

Read Our Testimonials

"Loved working out with teammates and friends"

"Great coaches and motivators"

"This was great for building confidence around strength training and educating the kids - well done!"

"The positive atmosphere that helped my child improve and grow confidence!"

"They do a great job of developing youth athletes."

"I appreciate structure to youth activities as all too often you'll see youth group activities that lack organization and structure."

"Thank you for being proactive and intentional about the exercises, activities and drills."

"Great program!  My child loved it and learned a lot."

"They are getting stronger and noticeable improvement in competition."

"We love Everything!"

"She absolutely loved the variety!!"

"Our kids became faster."

"He loves these workouts and they have made him eat healthier and enjoy working out!"

"We loved all of it but especially the agility drills."

"He noticed a difference in his overall athleticism competing in other sports thanks to this training."

"I like that he’s learning to take care of his body in a healthy and safe way and getting himself into a routine that I hope will continue."

"Both of my kids enjoyed the structured workouts and the healthy respect they gained for their coaches, and to me is what being coached is all about."

"Being a part of a team/social community that strives for continuous improvement"

"I really enjoyed it and it helped improve me in sports."     

"He loves pushing himself when he's there."

"He's always telling us that he didn't think he could do anymore, then a half an hour later he's still going.  He loves that feeling!"

"It is a great concept. Keep up the great work!"